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  • ekwc_the_ceramic_processThe Ceramic Process is integral to every clay piece, and this volume follows the logic of the steps of creation. The beginning chapters explain the early steps such as clay preparation and the various techniques of making. Following chapters are devoted to the later steps of drying and firing. Also included are numerous glaze and clay recipes, using a range of widely available materials. Complex and large-scale work, always demanding special attention and specialized knowledge, is comprehensively covered. The European Ceramic Work Centre (EKWC) in Oisterwijk, The Netherlands is an international artists-in-residence dedicated to ceramics in arts, design and architecture, in all of their various forms. Drawn from the resources at the EKWC, this volume elucidates every aspect of the ceramic process, from wedging clay to packing kilns. This useful resource will be valuable to potters of every skill level. Extensively and vividly illustrated, the book demonstrates complicated techniques visually. In addition to the helpful diagrams, works produced at EKWC are used as examples of the methods described in the text, offering specific uses for procedures. The Ceramic Process emphasizes the experimentation with materials and technique that is crucial to a potter's development and success. Ultimately, the reader will gain an understanding of every aspect - artistic as well as technical - of the creation of ceramic pieces.

    Hardcover | 320 pages | ISBN no 978-0-7136-6768-4

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  • ekwc_demystiefiedThe European Ceramic Workcentre is widely regarded as a world leader through its capacity as both an artist-in-residence centre where creative professionals of all kind work with ceramic material and as an institution where the use of this material is understood as being consistently innovative in nature.
    This survey describes how it has been possible for such an eminent position to be achieved and how the nature of work is influenced by prevailing circumstances and decisionmaking, be they of a logistical, directorial or theoretical nature. It is a demystification of previously unidentified interrelationships that explains how the uniquely interactive nature of this, and indeed any organisation, impacts on those working within it, and subsequently how it influences a much wider community.
    This study is of interest to those both within and outside the visual arts: to individual artists, designers or others in all areas of the wider field; to those either already engaged in or who wish to participate in the artist-in-residence arena; to universities, work centres and organisations across the arts, design and ceramic fields; and to potentially countless organisations outside the visual arts that are interested in nurturing innovative behaviour.

    Jap Sam Books | Paperback | 278 pages | ISBN no 978-94-90322-71-7
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  • bookshop-talking-ceramics50 artists, architects and designers talk about working with ceramics and offer a glimpse into their personal creative processes. TALKING CERAMICS is a collection of interviews with artist-in-residence alumni who worked at the EKWC from 1991 to 2016. The central focus is their irrepressible curiosity and the place that gave them total freedom to explore, the EKWC. The most important question in the interviews was whether any failures during the working process has led to revelations. Such moments are often turning points, moments in which boundaries are broken, discoveries are made and a crucial step is taken in one’s work. It is the point at which frustrations are let go and the mistake becomes an ‘aha-moment’, leading to a new beginning. What follows is the realisation that one must work with the properties of the material and adjust one’s expectations for the outcome. These are the most important cognitive steps in every learning process. The optimum conditions for learning and ground-breaking renewal is an environment in which an idea is allowed to grow, without external judgement. The EKWC is such a place: unique, safe and challenging. Here, ceramics keeps redefining itself, again and again. With Jessica Harrison, Hella Jongerius, Eylem Aladogan and many others.

    Special bake-off cover | 334 pages | ISBN 978-90-825550-0-4

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