masterclasses | 3D digital techniques for ceramics (Eng)

Masterclass | 3D digital techniques for ceramics

Master: Sander Alblas
Number of applicants: minimal 8, maximum 12
Date: 19th October 9 am – 5 pm and 20th October 9 am – 2 pm
: €375,- including materials, VAT and 1 lunch
Language: Dutch, Englisch

Digital techniques are getting more and more popular in a fast pace. But what are all the possibilities and what can you actually create with it? What is it’s added value for you as an artist, designer or architect? And what is the best way to apply these new techniques in your work and how can you create the best result suiting your project?

In one and a half day Sander Alblas will walk you through all present techniques, and take a look at several 3D techniques among which scanning, printing and milling including demonstrations and examples.

Subjects in the course will, among others, include;

  • 3D software, open source en commercial packages
  • 3D scanning
  • 3D printers, for a.o. plaster, plastic and clay
  • 3D milling
  • Computer-controlled styrofoam-cutting

Sander Alblas
Sander Alblas has a broad experience in reproduction techniques in analogue and digital 2D graphics, as well as in 3D techniques. After studying art he started to become interested in applying graphics on ceramic surfaces and in ceramic digital production. He became involved in researching 3D ceramic printing and digital mould making in the European Ceramic Work Centre (EKWC) in the Netherlands and is now active as both researcher and technical advisor for artists. He researches several 3D printing techniques in the field of ceramics, for instance powder printing and FDM/FFF and develops various digital mould making techniques and machines. He is invited on a regular base by foreign institutes and industries to in the field of digital ceramic making. He is active as a speaker on events and gives workshops. Alblas is also active as a designer.

* Your application will be processed after your payment. Sundaymorning@ekwc reserves the right to cancel the masterclass if there are not enough attendees. Already applied participants will be offered an alternative date or a full refund.

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